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This is an undetectable key-logger software, that monitors and records computer's activities in hidden mode. It can send activity logs via email or remote FTP servers.
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Software Description
This is a professional keylogger application, which monitors and records all the computer activity, including keystrokes pressed, mouse-clicks, started applications, windows-process, web-sites visited, email sent and received, chat conversations, windows system events, documents printed and screen changes.

In addition, it provides filtering capabilities, so you will be able to log individual users, applications, and also block the access to specific applications or web-sites.

The application starts at Windows startup and runs hidden from the system and of course from the most experienced, also the setup of it is absolutely protected via strong password protection, which ensures you're the only who has access to it.

All the records stored, will send you via email or FTP in encrypted file format, which ensures you're the only capable of view them.

The Best Keylogger Key Features:

  • Computer Activity: You will be in absolute control about the monitored computer activity, including who, what and when is running on the computer.
  • Parental Control: You can use it to monitor the computer, and also you can block applications and even web-sites.
  • Business Application: Using it, you will be able to know exactly what are doing your employees on the job hours.

The Best Keylogger Detailed Features:

  • Keystroke logging functions: It is capable of detect and record in log files all the keystrokes pressed on the monitored computer, writing a detailed log with application name, time; in the situation of the application is an Internet browser, is recorded the website URL.
  • Screenshots Logging: It could take screenshots of the desktop screen at previously configured events, such as the mouse is clicked, keys pressed or simply at time intervals; in addition, it comes with an advanced screenshot viewer with slide show capabilities.
  • Files Logging: All the file activities on the computer are recorded, including file creation, deletion, rename or edition; users will be able to filter, which file's type wants to monitor, for example, MS-Word.
  • Printer Logging: You will be able to monitor the printer usage, including time, application that it has print.
  • MSN Chat logging: It is capable of monitors all the chat conversations and record both sides of the chat; the recorded log file includes MSN Messenger address, talking to (address), timestamp.
  • Mail logging: This function allows you to keep the record of all email activities (sent and received); the information recorded includes sending from address, to address, subject and email body, time.
  • Windows Process logging: This function allows you to know exactly, which processes started or stopped at system level, the produced log file includes the process name and started/stopped time.
  • System logging: This is a general function which gives you system events that happen on the computer, including logged in, logged off, shutdown and which user was active during this event.
  • Clipboard logging: This is a specific function, which allows you to know all the copy/paste function made on the computer.
  • Advanced log-viewer: Provides a multi-functional log viewer, with advanced search and filtering capabilities, in addition, the columns of the report can be sorted and filtered.
  • Autostart with Windows: This keylogger application, starts automatically when Windows stats, in hidden mode, so it is absolutely undetectable.
  • Automatic clearing of logs: You can set up an automatic log purge based on date (n days) or when it is sent via email or FTP.
  • Email logs function: You will get via email the recorded log files based on time intervals, specific hours or by log size, in addition the email function supports secure SSL communication protocol.
  • Upload logs to remote FTP server: This is practical function, which allows you to collect all the monitored computer's log files into one centralized remote location. It is great for system administrators who are auditing several computers.
  • Print logs function: This is useful when you need to report any log activity.
  • Flush logs to usb devices: This function detects when a USB device is connected to the computer, then the application can copy the encrypted log files directly to the device.
  • Receive notification logs: This function is fired when happen a previously configured event such as unwanted website or keystrokes pressed, the notification can include a screenshot of the computer desktop when the even occurs.
  • Password protection: The application can be open only by you because is protected with a strong password.
  • Monitor scheduler: You will be able to set the monitoring process at specific hours, for example, at the job hours.
  • Maximum log size: You can configure to stop the recording activities when the log file reaches a chosen size.
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Editor Review
This is a powerful keylogger application, designed for both home and business of any size.

The functions provided, covers both, the simple monitoring functions, with parental control options (excellent for home users) and expands to the most advanced computer auditing requirements (specially designed for system auditors).

The interface looks absolutely professional, which is not usual in keylogger applications, and the operation is quite intuitive.

Provides all the monitoring functions usually included in keyloggers, but it adds powerful log viewing capabilities, including slide shows of the recorded screen-shoots.

Our Testing staff has installed the application, and they were trying to detect it, by looking at the Windows process (running applications), and it was absolutely hidden, also the application consumes minimal Windows resources (memory and processor) which make it invisible from the regular user who is operating the computer.

Finally, we can recommend this application for both home because it is very easy to install and setup, and for corporate (usually system auditors) who need extended monitoring functions and reporting capabilities.

The installer file was tested on Virustotal site with zero viruses and spyware, and it is hosted on our data-center.
  • Powerful functions.
  • Perfect for home.
  • Extended capabilities for corporate or auditing professionals.
  • Very easy to use and install.
  • None at this version.
New in this Version:
  • Added support to disable unlocking the software with keywords.
  • Added new reports, including keystrokes typed, files created, files renamed, files deleted, printer used, clipboard content, mouse item clicked, screenshots taken.
  • Option to not log certain processes and desktop users.
  • Added: Clipboard logger, Webpage logger.
  • Added direct link to Faqs area.
  • Changed the system-tray icon to be hidden as default.
System Requirements:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
  • Processor: 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above.
  • RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation.
  • Graphics Card: Super VGA (800 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher.
Latest User Reviews
Pros: Very good product.
Cons: Its very advanced also, sometimes I get lost. :)
Pros: Outstanding software! Perfect for home users, not so advanced that I thought, easy to use.
Cons: ---
David Spencer.
Pros: Good features and worked...temporarily.
Cons: It stopped working on both PCs I purchased licenses for. I tried to uninstall and re-install only to have the program reject my paid for licenses. I have contacted support multiple times with no replies. It has been months and still no response after repeated contacts to them.
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